Cars on craigslist

Format the car sale ad properly and increase your chances of a quick sale. People use search queries to quickly find the model they are interested in buying. So if you don’t specify the model name in the ad properly then chances are that your ad won’t turn up in search results. Examples: “honda 125”(bad), “honda cbr125r”(good), “beemer”(bad), “bmw”(good). A buyer would be more interested in car sale ads that includes following information:-

  • Title format: The one line title of the car ad should give as much information as possible. The minimum information that it should have is Year, Make, Model and Price. Example: “1992 Honda Prelude SR 150k miles, moving sale $2500 – (Seattle, WA)”
  • Odometer reading: Include odometer reading total ~ km’s or miles.
  • Pictures: Include pictures of the car. Pictures can save lot of time from unnecessary communication. Craigslist listing/search has an option to filter out ads without pictures and lot of buyers do use it. If you have customized car then post pictures showing the customized part. If the car has been in a (minor) accident or fender-bender then post pictures of before and after repair. This might get buyers interested into the car who would otherwise get spooked by mere mention of accident / claims.
  • Car history report: If you know that the car has clean title then spend $50 and obtain a car history report from services like Car Fax reports or Car Proof. Mention in your car ad that the history report is available for the buyer to view. Also giving out VIN# in email to the prospective buyer should be fine.
  • Contact information: Preferably provide both email and phone number in the ad or atleast email. If using craigslist site then use there anonymized email.

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One response to “Cars on craigslist

  1. And if they want to pay you with a cashier’s check, watch out! Many people are being sent counterfeit cashier’s checks or money orders as payment for items they are selling on the internet.

    Shawn Mosch
    Co-Founder of

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