Browser extension : Craigslist easy phone and email search

Created Google Chrome extension and a Greasemonkey userscript that makes it easy to do search on phone number or email listed in craigslist posting. Its useful for finding out if the listing poster has posted anything else on internet. Easy reverse phone lookup.


If email is listed then it also creates easy search to find out about the website/company of the poster. Also quick way to do reverse phone lookup on US phone numbers.

    craigslist phone email search addon

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    craigslist phone email search addon

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    5 responses to “Browser extension : Craigslist easy phone and email search

    1. I downloaded the extension, but don’t know how to use it. No instructions? When I visit Craigslist, it looks exactly the same, and returns no results when trying to query by phone number.

    2. Since craigslist now hides the contact details so that you have to click a link to view phone number or email, I have a feeling that this extension no longer works for this purpose. I now see the search form at the top of the page when I click on individual ads, but I can’t input info into the cell. It also stands to reason that I’d want to do the search before clicking on individual ads. Please correct me if I’m wrong and simply don’t know how to use the extension.

      • tech4computer

        Your assessment is correct. Recently craigslist introduced the click to show contact info feature. I will be updating extension soon to extract the hidden information. Extension still works for some posts that continue to put phone numbers or other contact (email/website) information in body of their posts.

        • Thanks for your response. Of course, if the phone number is in the body of the message, then using the craigslist-generated search works anyway. (In other words, what’s the point of an extension that searches what is already easily searchable?) Anyway, I guess for now I have to open every listing in a geographic area of CL to try to find a specific phone number, which is too much work. Starting to think Craigslist wants to prevent people from being able to contact someone who ripped them off. Privacy protection works mostly to protect the guilty, imo.

        • tech4computer

          I have updated extension. It should now show the hidden contact info. If the hidden (click to show) phone number is not indexed by the search engines then the search result won’t be of much help unless the poster has posted same contact info at other sites etc.

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