discussion Forum Preview extension shows Photo Gallery and Last Post

Forum Preview extension shows Last Post and Image Preview on Joomla Kunena, vBulletin, Invision board, Social Strata, Fudforum, Google Groups and phpBB based discussion forums. Top Comment preview on Reddit.

In Photo Gallery mode the Forum Preview will construct an Image Gallery on top of forum listing page.

Be the first to make a post on your favorite discussion forum and inform other members and friends about this Forum Preview Extension.

Requirement : Recent or sufficiently fast computer with fast internet connection.

Install or Download

NOTE: If people like this then I will add support for other forum software too.


  • Inline Last Post.
  • Photo gallery from threads. Custom settings for Gallery. My Gallery (chrome only). Slide show.
  • Filter thread titles to ignore certain threads. (beta)
  • Image gallery from previous pages of selected thread. Turn this feature on when viewing thread about travel / tour trip or an event etc (beta)
  • Auto show new Posts and new Replies. (alpha)
  • Force show new Posts and new Replies.
  • Hide (fold) all posts. Quick toggle fold posts.
  • Avatar effects. (alpha – Google Chrome only)
  • New Post Counter. (beta)
  • Multicolumn thread list. (Chrome only, vBulletin4, Reddit, phpBB)
  • YouTube – Top Comments under embedded player in forum. (Chrome only, vBulletin). Working on separate extension for this. That will work on all sites.
  • Ignore previewing ‘Sticky:’ threads.
  • Quick Delete of your post in vBulletin 4+ (Chrome only).

Note: Some of the above features are for vBulletin 3.x boards only. Added “Todays Posts” link on vBulletin 4 when signed in. vBulletin 4 (alpha). Click peace icon to open and change Forum Preview Settings.

News / Blogs – Features:

Original Concept. Action buttons, info panels and menus near top and on right edge of screen. Few years back I added new posts information box, easy (un-)fold posts controls near right-top edge for easy access. It seems that location and concept has picked up and lot of new sites are placing all kinds of menu or control options in that location (Area from top-right corner to [1/4 x screen-height] distance from top and on right edge). This is also used in my other popular extension Craigslist-Peek.

Avatar Effects: Works for vBulletin boards, when using Google Chrome (Firefox not supported at the moment) and have this Extension installed on it. See screenshot and See avatars p.l.a.y here. Leave a comment below if you need to create similar Avatar. Probably you will have to email me your Avatar image and link of the YouTube video. Follow these steps (on Windows computer) to modify your Avatar to add YouTube video.
1. Put YouTube video id/code in a .txt file. Goto C:\ directory and create youtube.txt file. Like this:
Here ‘zuCjHXLHGUk’ is video code that you can extract from YouTube video address.
2. Open windows ‘CMD’ console. Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. In Console type
cd \
and press Enter. Now suppose your Avatar image name is originalAvatar.png and its in C:\ directory. In Console type:
copy /B originalAvatar.png + youtube.txt newAvatar.png
That’s it upload originalAvatar.png to your vBulletin Forum and see if it worked. If the steps didn’t worked for you then just leave me comment and maybe I can do it for you.

Switch Forum Style. If it stops working on forum (e.g. vBulletin) then see if the forum allows you to change style(usually drop down style list is located at bottom of page). Try changing style.

Try it on discussion forums like :-

Groups.Google.com (old format)

Reddit top comment preview.

Manga Helpers
One Manga
ComicVine AnimeVice GiantBomb Screened GameSpot
Naruto viz
conceptArt.org (slow)
Mozilla support
UBISOFT game forum
RealGM games
Turkey Forum
EA uk/
spanish cars forocoches.com

…many more

Forum Preview extension

Forum Preview extension shows last post, photo gallery on listing page.

Shows last post under titles with Forum Preview extension.

Shows last post under titles with Forum Preview extension.

[date 2010-04-21] Version 0.105
* Added to Google Extension gallery.

© 2010 tech4computer

11 responses to “discussion Forum Preview extension shows Photo Gallery and Last Post

  1. Nice extension, I was looking for something that extracts all pictures in a single given thread. Do you think you could extend your extension that way? Currently you seem to extract only the pictures on the last page of each listed thread in the thread overview.



    • tech4computer

      Thanks. Initially I also wanted that capability to get all the images from thread but when I tried couple of forums it seems that some threads has 50 to 100 of pages and with tons of images in them. Getting images from them would be equivalent of loading 50-100 pages in one go. This would choke the computer. Maybe I can try adding a default limit of loading images from 21 (first page and last 20) pages of opened thread/topic.
      Other thing is that after publishing a ‘working’ extension I was thinking that I would further work on it based on user feedback (like your comment) only.

  2. Great extension, thanks! I use it for the Sales forum on a watch website, as it enables me to quickly see an image of the watch for sale (listed in a thread) without having to open the thread.

    How does the + and – of photo size work? Is that simply increasing and decreasing the scale of the images?

    It would be nice to have an option to specify the max number of images to load from a thread, as you mentioned yourself above.

    Also, an option to specify which sites (URL) the functionality should be enabled on. E.g. I might want to enable it on my watch site but not on my car site. Or I want to enable it in the Sales forum of the watch site, but not in any other forum on the watch site.

    Also, it would be great to have a show/hide button at the top of the page to show/hide all the pictures. Currently I have to scroll 8-10 pages down to find the actual forum page, which can be a bit annoying 🙂

    Thanks for your time and effort!

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for feedback and suggestions. This is still a work in progress and want to add new features based on feedback like in your comment. Which particular website you are using this on? I assume that you are using it in Photo Gallery mode. I think that’s an easy and fast way to skim through the sales postings. The other mode (non photo gallery) is more useful when you are actively participating in the discussion forum. Are you using it in Google Chrome or Firefox?

      Yes, the +/- buttons increase/decrease scale of images.

      The limiting max. images to load per thread functionality has been there since beginning. I just need to add the option to set it in Settings popup (similar to Settings popup of ‘Craigslist Peek’ extension). Right now its set to unlimited by default.

      The site/url specific customization is good idea. This will take some effort to implement. The easy to enable/disable extension feature is important and I tried to make it easy but its still a two click operation in Google Chrome. Click the icon to popup Settings and then click the checkbox to Turn Off extension. Another way is right-click on icon and select ‘Disable’. In firefox 1 left-click on status bar icon will disable the extension.

      I been thinking about the show/hide images functionality and also maybe a faster way to give user the information s/he is looking for. The image handling by Google Chrome and Firefox is very different which makes it a bit complex operation. I will try to come up with something to solve this. At the moment in Gallery mode clicking the image will open the thread in a new Tab. This is just to avoid re-loading main page all the time.

      Right now trying to add a block in bottom to show list of subscribed threads. Its working in vbulletin based forums.

  3. hi … I’m interested in the Forum Preview addons, can you make it more compatible with our forum – http://www.kaskus.us? Could you can add or implement the scripts http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/94448 too?
    I wait for good news: D

    • Seems like its partially working. I will later look at it to see if I can fix it.
      Made some custom changes, so it should now work on your board.

  4. Love this extension, but is there any way that you can make it preview with a hover over? Everything previewing at once is a bit cluttered on some forums!

    • Thanks, for feedback. I initially did tried the hover over to show preview in this and in another extension. It had some issues and could be annoying to the user. Another issue is that a lot of forums have some custom feature added (e.g. preview first-post) for on-hover functionality. I don’t want to compromise or step over the original forums functionality. There are other ways of doing the previews and I’m keeping an open mind about it and might add a another way of previewing.
      If you are using Chrome browser then I have added a ‘collapse all previews’ hover-button at right edge of page. It is very useful once you get hang of it. And it will un-clutter screen to quickly look at all titles.

  5. I downloaded the app but i dont know how to access it. it dosnt appear anywere. i went to settings and clicked allow in incognito but still i cant find it. It says i have added extension to apps and even appears in settings but i have no icon anywhere. pls help. thx

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