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YouTube Top Comments extension

YouTube Top Comments is a Google Chrome extension that shows (site embedded) video’s Description, Rating and Top Comments on any website. Gives more relevant information about the video clip.

Try different DISPLAY MODES from extension settings to suit your liking.

Install or Download


  • Allows selectively disabling YouTube Comments on particular websites.
  • Shows video’s Top Comments, Rating and Description in compact form under video clip. You don’t have to go to YouTube site to read more about clip as the information is made available right where the clip is embedded.
  • Try different display modes from Settings (click Youtube icon in address bar).

I originally created this feature first for my Forum Preview extension. After some use realized that it is useful and is better as separate extension.

top comments for youtube extension on facebook page showing video description and rating

top comments for youtube extension on facebook page showing video description and rating

Fix URL Link Redirect – extension

Fix Url Links Redirect Google Chrome extension (1) removes the URL link redirect and takes you direct to destination. Remove the middle man and tracking. Second feature is (2) remove link Referrer.

Two Modes

  1. Work on All redirect links (except ones in ‘disable’ list).
  2. OR work Only on specific links/sites that you added to its ‘enable’ list. This is default setting.

Try both methods and see which suites you. You train it by adding links to it as you use it.

Install or Download


  • Fixes URL links redirect. Allows selectively disabling/enabling fix URL redirect on particular websites.
  • Removes link ‘Referrer‘. Its a totally separate feature than fix redirect. It can be disabled in extension Options.

Positive side-effects:

  • Removes middle-man / tracking as side effect.
  • Quicker page load.

How to use it:
If webpage didn’t behaved or loaded as expected and there is a fix-url icon in Address Bar then click that icon and add the suggested URL to the disable list. As you use the extension more the need to add sites to disable list will get less. Manage list of URLs for which this extension is disabled in extension Options.

  • Dark/black icon in Address Bar => extension is disabled.
  • Dull Brownish icon in Address Bar => extension detects redirect but it didn’t fix as site is not in its list. Click on icon to add/remove site.
  • Red-black icon in Address Bar => extension fixed redirect link.

Why remove HTTP Referrer
When visiting a webpage, the referrer or referring page is the URL of the previous webpage from which a link was followed. Most web servers maintain logs of all traffic, and record the HTTP referer sent by the web browser for each request. Technically the effect of this extension’s ‘remove Referrer’ feature is similar to attribute rel=’noreferrer‘.
For example, if you are looking at website and in there you click a link to another website say Now cocacola site will know that you were viewing BBC website. With this extensions ‘remove referrer’ feature the cocacola company won’t know what website you were viewing.

Note (Sept, 2013), Yahoo changed its website design. So the scenario shown below in screenshot no longer works on Yahoo. Later on, I will update screenshot to a site where you can test the extension.

Fix URL Links Redirect - Google Chrome Extension

Fix URL Links Redirect – Google Chrome Extension

Search selected word with encrypted Google

A simple Google Chrome extension that lets you search highlighted word with encrypted (secure) Google instead of the classic open google. This way its hard for the man in the middle to see your search. Adds a right-click context menu item.

Install from google : Google Chrome Extension : Search highlighted word with secure Google

right click context menu item encrypted google search

right click context menu item encrypted google search

= Alternative Method =
With this method you might loose the search suggestions.

discussion Forum Preview extension shows Photo Gallery and Last Post

Forum Preview extension shows Last Post and Image Preview on Joomla Kunena, vBulletin, Invision board, Social Strata, Fudforum, Google Groups and phpBB based discussion forums. Top Comment preview on Reddit.

In Photo Gallery mode the Forum Preview will construct an Image Gallery on top of forum listing page.

Be the first to make a post on your favorite discussion forum and inform other members and friends about this Forum Preview Extension.

Requirement : Recent or sufficiently fast computer with fast internet connection.

Install or Download

NOTE: If people like this then I will add support for other forum software too.


  • Inline Last Post.
  • Photo gallery from threads. Custom settings for Gallery. My Gallery (chrome only). Slide show.
  • Filter thread titles to ignore certain threads. (beta)
  • Image gallery from previous pages of selected thread. Turn this feature on when viewing thread about travel / tour trip or an event etc (beta)
  • Auto show new Posts and new Replies. (alpha)
  • Force show new Posts and new Replies.
  • Hide (fold) all posts. Quick toggle fold posts.
  • Avatar effects. (alpha – Google Chrome only)
  • New Post Counter. (beta)
  • Multicolumn thread list. (Chrome only, vBulletin4, Reddit, phpBB)
  • YouTube – Top Comments under embedded player in forum. (Chrome only, vBulletin). Working on separate extension for this. That will work on all sites.
  • Ignore previewing ‘Sticky:’ threads.
  • Quick Delete of your post in vBulletin 4+ (Chrome only).

Note: Some of the above features are for vBulletin 3.x boards only. Added “Todays Posts” link on vBulletin 4 when signed in. vBulletin 4 (alpha). Click peace icon to open and change Forum Preview Settings.

News / Blogs – Features:

Original Concept. Action buttons, info panels and menus near top and on right edge of screen. Few years back I added new posts information box, easy (un-)fold posts controls near right-top edge for easy access. It seems that location and concept has picked up and lot of new sites are placing all kinds of menu or control options in that location (Area from top-right corner to [1/4 x screen-height] distance from top and on right edge). This is also used in my other popular extension Craigslist-Peek.

Avatar Effects: Works for vBulletin boards, when using Google Chrome (Firefox not supported at the moment) and have this Extension installed on it. See screenshot and See avatars p.l.a.y here. Leave a comment below if you need to create similar Avatar. Probably you will have to email me your Avatar image and link of the YouTube video. Follow these steps (on Windows computer) to modify your Avatar to add YouTube video.
1. Put YouTube video id/code in a .txt file. Goto C:\ directory and create youtube.txt file. Like this:
Here ‘zuCjHXLHGUk’ is video code that you can extract from YouTube video address.
2. Open windows ‘CMD’ console. Start->Programs->Accessories->Command Prompt. In Console type
cd \
and press Enter. Now suppose your Avatar image name is originalAvatar.png and its in C:\ directory. In Console type:
copy /B originalAvatar.png + youtube.txt newAvatar.png
That’s it upload originalAvatar.png to your vBulletin Forum and see if it worked. If the steps didn’t worked for you then just leave me comment and maybe I can do it for you.

Switch Forum Style. If it stops working on forum (e.g. vBulletin) then see if the forum allows you to change style(usually drop down style list is located at bottom of page). Try changing style.

Try it on discussion forums like :- (old format)

Reddit top comment preview.
Manga Helpers
One Manga
ComicVine AnimeVice GiantBomb Screened GameSpot
Naruto viz (slow)
Mozilla support
UBISOFT game forum
RealGM games
Turkey Forum
EA uk/
spanish cars

…many more

Forum Preview extension

Forum Preview extension shows last post, photo gallery on listing page.

Shows last post under titles with Forum Preview extension.

Shows last post under titles with Forum Preview extension.

[date 2010-04-21] Version 0.105
* Added to Google Extension gallery.

© 2010 tech4computer

Craigslist Peek extension – image preview

Craigslist Peek is a Google Chrome and Firefox Extension for Craigslist, kijiji (US), eBay Classifieds, 58 同城 and Facebook Marketplace listings page. Craigslist Peek shows Post and Image Preview.


  1. Google Chrome Extension / Web Store (new features and issue-fixes first come here in Chrome and then in Firefox after month or so)
  2. Firefox Addon :
  3. Safari Extension version coming soon. Both Firefox and Google Chrome versions works in Mac, use them for the time being.

I created this from my other Craigslist extension for cars section. And hence Suggestions feature in the cars and motorcycle section.


  • Short description under listing
  • Images under listing
  • Multiple Cities listing. Widens your search area to include neighboring cities.
  • Photo gallery
  • Suggestions in cars & motorcycle section
  • Minimum model Year filter cars & motorcycle section
  • Auto refresh. Shows new posts on top. New post counter.
  • Expands messages in craigslist Discussion forums (beta)
  • Filter craigslist search results (beta)
  • Split listing to Multiple Columns (chrome)
  • Fold / expand listing. Quick toggle fold posts. (chrome only)
  • User can customize looks of it to their taste

I removed some features to keep it simple and practical. Later on I might add some features for particular categories of Craigslist.

Seems new changes in Facebook Marketplace are identical to how I was changing Facebook Marketplace with this extension, so now disabled other stuff and only doing image preview in this.

It looks like some sites (Google News : and others) have now adopted similar concept to what I been doing in Craigslist Peek and Forum Preview. In these when a person clicks on a Post, it opens in a new-browser-tab. This saves you from clicking Back and re-loading the listing after viewing Post.

Usage Tips:

  • Enable / disable multiple cities or auto-refresh in Settings according to your need.

Fast computer with fast internet connection.


craigslist peek google chrome extension - showing preview in gallery and list mode

showing preview in gallery and list mode

craigslist peek extension - showing list mode with ad excerpts, thumbnails and suggestions

showing list mode with ad excerpts, thumbnails and suggestions

craigslist peek extension - multiple cities listing selection

craigslist peek extension - multiple cities listing selection

[date 2010-04-09] Version 0.329
* New posts counter on top.
* Improved adding multiple cities for listing
* Support for eBay’s Kijiji to eBayClassifieds change.

[date 2010-04-04] Version 0.305
* Restructured code a bit.
* Now it allows to show multiple cities listing.
* Added auto refresh of listing every few minutes.
* few new options in Settings screen.

[date 2010-03-01] Version 0.165
* Restructured code a bit.
* Fixed one odd case where it wasn’t working.

[date 2010-02-14] Version 0.150
* Added Suggestions (for Cars/motorcycle section only) feature to Gallery mode also. It adds red border around images of ad that the buyer might want to be extra careful about.
* Fixed couple of bugs regarding default settings and image spacing in gallery mode.
* Just checked some similar ff extensions and found that there Settings screen is almost similar to mine.

[date 2010-02-09] Version 0.140
* Fixed couple of bugs regarding click in gallery mode.

[date 2010-02-06] Version 0.135
* Now image preview works on Kijiji listings also.

[date 2010-01-04] Version 0.105

© 2010 tech4computer

CNET : Make car shopping on Craigslist less cumbersome

CNET news of reviewed and published about my browser extension for Craigslist.

Make car shopping on Craigslist less cumbersome

CNET : Make car shopping on Craigslist less cumbersome screenshot

CNET : Make car shopping on Craigslist less cumbersome screenshot

Lifehacker: Craigslist Car Research extension makes used-car shopping easier

Lifehacker: Craigslist Car Research extension makes used-car shopping easier

browser extension : Motorcycle reviews and shopping on Craigslist

Created firefox addon and Google Chrome Extension targeted at people who frequent motorcycle section of Craigslist. It now also works on following sites:

  • Craigslist motorcycle
  • eBay motors
  • Kijiji (US)
  • Advrider flea market
  • bcsportbikes bike marketplace
  • motorcycleforum

Features of the utility:-

  • Shows consumer reviews of motorcycle. This is very useful in finding pros/cons of the bike and also if the vehicle suits buyer.
  • Shows similar ads on top found elsewhere on craigslist and Oodle. This gives idea of market price and general availability.
  • Quick indication of if the motorcycle was dropped or was involved in accident.
  • Quick indication if its a moving sale.
  • Recently viewed Ads.
  • Add your Notes to the ads using Recently Viewed list.
  • Shows Factory Recalls. Gives idea of manufacturing defects etc. Also when buying make sure to ask original owner if the factory recalls were done.
  • Shows TSB (Technical Service Bulletin). The service information/updates issued by the manufacturer.
  • If a phone number (US/Canada) is mentioned in the ad then it creates a link on page which lets one easily search craigslist for other ads posted by the poster.
craigslist ad without the use of firefox addon

craigslist ad without the use of firefox addon

top portion of craigslist ad

top portion of craigslist ad

motorcycle reviews

motorcycle reviews

shows videos of motorcycle make/model

shows videos of motorcycle make/model

Motorcycle review at Epinion by owner of motorcycle.

Epinion motorcycle reviews.

Motorcycle review from Review Centre.

Motorcycle review at Review Centre by owner of motorcycle.

Motorcycle similar make/model ad listing from everywhere on Craigslist right below Craigslist motorcycle ad.

Same make / model motorcycle ad listing from Craigslist.

Motorcycle listing from Oodle below Craigslist motorcycle ad.

Motorcycle listing from Oodle below Craigslist motorcycle ad.

Updated :
Version 1.224
date: 2010-03-04
* Support for motorcycle sale sections of sites Advrider, BCSportBike and motorcycleforum.

Version 1.223
date: 2010-03-04
* Support for eBay and Kijiji (US).
* Fixed a bug that sometimes caused unresponsive script popup.

Version 1.221
date: 2009-12-17
* Added Oodle listing.
* Enhanced feature-block collapsible functionality.
* Added ability for user to specify ‘year’ and ‘make’ of motorcyle if its not automatically recognized by the extension.

Version 1.110
date: 2009-12-07
* Major change in the layout.
* Added Epinion reviews.
* Added ReviewCentre.

Version 1.10
* Did some code refactoring and renaming.

©  2009 tech 4computer

Used car shopping research extension for Craigslist, eBay, AutoTrader and Yahoo Autos

Craigslist car research extension is now available as a Firefox Addon, Greasemonkey userscript and Google Chrome extension. Pretty useful for anyone looking for a car.

Articles about it

  • CNET news CNET news : Make car shopping on Craigslist less cumbersome .. read
  • lifehacker Lifehacker : Craigslist Car Research Extension Makes Used-Car Shopping Easier .. read
used car shopping browser extension for craigslist, ebay, kijiji, aol, autotrader,, vehix and yahoo autos

Sites this extension works on: craigslist, ebay, kijiji, autotrader,, vehix, aol and yahoo autos

Used car listings supported by this extension:

The Google Chrome version of Craigslist Car extension was one of the top 50 featured extension on the launch of Google Chrome Extension Gallery.


Other extension that works well with this one:
– Craigslist car listing filter

Also created a related userscript that gives estimated cost of Importing US car or motorcycle to Canada.

Now this mashup is heavy but adding the enable/disable feature buttons is handy to manage the clutter and speedup browser load.

If the listing is in correct format then it will get that car’s model’s information from sites like MSN Autos,,,, etc.


  • Gives estimated price from multiple sources. Also provides links for further research.
  • Factory car recalls for the car model.
  • Consumer reviews, this is the real gem.
  • Car reliability information. It shows the msn autos page focused at reliability section. This shows what kinda engine problems occur in that particular car. Other info is also there but reliability info is most useful on that page. Takes like 2 sec to get idea of how reliable that car model is.
  • Scans the posting and shows a highlighted message on top informing about:- accident car, rebuilt car, moving sale, one owner, suggests buyer to ask if the car was involved in an accident.
  • Lists similar (year/make/model) ads from craigslist on top. This gives the idea of going price and the supply/demand.
  • Aggregates car listing.
  • Shows thumbnails from Flickr (Gives idea of what the vehicle looks like and the appeal factor)
  • Recently viewed Ads.
  • Add your Notes to the ads using Recently Viewed list.
  • If there is a phone number in the post then it makes it easy to do a search of the phone number on Craigslist to find out if the ad poster has posted any other ads. This sometimes help in determining if its moving sale or a ad by a reseller etc.
craigslist used car suggestion

suggestions on craigslist car post

craigslist car price estimate from various sources

craigslist car price estimate from various sources

Craigslist car research extension with features disabled

Disabled / collapsed state of features in Craigslist Car Research

craigslist car reviews

craigslist car research showing consumer car reviews

craigslist car research showing discussions about the model at Edmunds

Craigslist Car Research showing relevant discussion from Edmunds

craigslist car research msn autos, kelly blue book, recalls

car reliablility, KBB Kelly Blue Book value, msn autos

browser extension for kijiji car

craigslist car extension works on Kijiji too

(my old site).


Version : 0.945
Jan 20, 2009

  • Now the extension also works on, AOL autos, Vehix, and

Version : 0.935
Jan 15, 2009

  • Now the extension works on eBay motors (US) and Yahoo Autos also.
  • Makes it easy to do search on VIN number.

Version : 0.925
Jan 10, 2009

  • Now it works on Kijiji (US) too beside Craigslist.
  • Lists similar matches from Yahoo Autos, Oodle. This gives idea of pricing and availability.
  • Now it lets user specify ‘Year’ or ‘Model’ if either one is missing or is not recognized from the listing title.
  • Flickr thumbnail gallery.
  • Improved feature collapse/expand functionality.

Version : 0.910
Dec 05, 2009

  • Fixed ‘turn car-research On’ link.
  • Added reviews from ReviewCentre?. This is experimental for now as sometimes it returns wrong results.
  • Added Epinion reviews. This is also experimental feature as it sometimes fail to work in Google Chrome.
  • Added AboutAutomobile? TSB (Technical Service Bulletin).
  • Added Google Videos of relevant car.

Version : 0.909
Nov 24, 2009

  • Similar car ads listing is now sorted by price
  • Clicking on main category blocks (Price, Reviews, Reliability) toggles subcategory blocks.
  • Added icon to suggestion box at top, to indicate that its part of extension and not from craigslist.
  • Minor changes to color scheme.

Version : 0.905
Nov 12, 2009

  • totally changed layout
  • created main category blocks Price, Reviews, Reliability.
  • moved some of the features from top of page to bottom so that the screen looks more clean and less busy.
  • added +/x buttons to enable/disable features. Removed old enable/disable buttons from top.
  • added background to indicate this is separate content then the original craigslist post.
  • now using safe `JSON` method to parse data instead of `eval` or `return new Function`
  • changed the search engine for finding Similar car ads on craigslist. Now it returns more recent listings.
  • re-enabled MSN Autos frame.
  • web annotations links (twitter, facebook,..) feature is removed for now.
  • re-designed the car-research on/off button and functionality.
  • now ‘Home of this utility (feedback)’ is minimized at first run.

Version: 0.501

  • Added Edmunds TMV price.
  • Fixed Enable/Disable buttons. They were not working properly in Firefox 3.6b1pre and Minefield 3.7a1pre.
  • Fixed code. Now Edmunds (discussion/reviews), Motortrend pricing, etc are working in Firefox 3.6b1pre and Minefield 3.7a1pre also.
  • Cosmetic change to the bottom block (‘Home of this utility’ block).
  • Added my icon

Version: 0.312

  • Added a feature that makes it easier to search all craigslist for other ads posted by the poster. Basically searches craigslist for matching phone number listed in the ad.

Car reviews etc

Added a new firefox extension “Car reviews etc“. Its a port of the above extension and works on any webpage not just craigslist. Its a strip down version of above extension and works by selecting text (in format “year model”, e.g. “2007 civic” or “2006 toyota camry”) on webpage and right-click to get context-menu. From context-menu select “car reviews etc”. This will show reviews, pricing, recall info etc.

firefox context-menu with car reviews etc extension

firefox context-menu with car reviews etc extension

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